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Build better timelines with Time Path. Create your timeline in minutes and easily share or embed your timeline anywhere online. What is your story...?

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Import anything you like

When creating an event in your timeline you are able to import anything. Blogposts, Youtube movies, Facebook posts, Instagram posts or Tweets. Everything you need to create a timeline.



Embed a timeline on your website

Every timeline you create on Time Path can easily be embedded on any webpage you like, just like Youtube. When changing your timeline in Time Path, everything is updated automatically

..and more

customize feature

Private, shared or public

Each timeline can be set to private or public, depending on your needs.

customize feature

Google loves timelines

When you set your timeline to public, your timeline will be indexed by Google and drive organic traffic.

customize feature

Customize your timeline

Customize your timeline to your needs. Change the color or font so it blends in with your design.

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What people say

This is perfect to use at a wedding anniversary, to show all the great moments through time.
― Paul

I teach history. Time Path allows me to visualize historic events for my students. I can even let them create timelines themselves.
― Marieke, teacher